The “Jack Daniel’s Perfect Gift” sweepstakes will begin on Monday, May 14, 2018, at 12:00 A.M. and will conclude on Sunday, June 24, 2018, at 11:59 P.M. The event will have one (1) sweepstakes date: Wednesday, June 27, 2018. This period will be known as the “Sweepstakes Period”.


No Purchase Necessary

Any natural person 18 years or older, legal resident of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, will be eligible to participate. In addition, they must have an official and current photo ID, emitted by an authorized governmental entity: Driver’s license, DTOP identification card or passport, to be presented when required by the Promoter. Participation is not allowed for employees or their family members up until the fourth grade of consanguinity and the second grade of affinity, of the companies: Promoting, Administrative, Parent Companies, Affiliates, Subsidiaries, Agencies, wholesalers, retailers or any other entity directly related to the operation of the promoter companies.


Any person eligible to participate should access the page during the Sweepstakes Period. The person enters their birthdate and marks their country of origin. Next, the person clicks the button that says “Participate.” Then they fill out a form, which will solicit the following:

  • Name
  • Second Name (Optional)
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Birthdate
  • Country
  • Home Address
  • Phone Number
  • After this, the participant clicks the square that reads: “I have read and accept the terms and conditions of the “Jack Daniel’s Perfect Gift Sweepstakes.”

After filling each field, the person clicks “participate.” 

Once the process described above is completed, the user will receive a confirmation and thank you message and will have submitted their Participation. (The User will be participating for the selected Article in their Participation). It is allowed to submit one participation per person, per day. The prizes that will be given in this Sweepstakes are described in more detail in the “Prizes” section of these Rules.

Each participant releases the promoter of any liability and assumes it as well, for participations submitted after the Sweepstakes Period has finalized.

All of the collected information from the participants will be used only for the established purposes in these Rules and upholding the management of personal information as instituted by the Promoter at

A Winner cannot be selected Alternate Winner of the same prize for which he is selected—Winner nor Alternate Winner of any of the other available prizes.

Any incomplete or false participation  or which may in any way impede or make difficult for the Promoter to identify the participant, winner or not, will be disqualified and eliminated from the Sweepstakes.

False, fraudulent or deceiving participations will make their participants ineligible to participate in the Sweepstakes. Any falsified Participation, or which appears to have been falsified, created by computerized programs or that may show any other hint of not being an authentic participant application, or any individual that tries to damage or undermine the legitimate operation of the Sweepstakes will be disqualified of participating and will be removed from the Sweepstakes, and the participant will be presented to the pertinent governmental authorities for the corresponding civil and/or penal procedures. Said determination will be up to the discretion of the Promoter or authorized agents. All of the Participations must contain all information required to be valid and will pass to be property of the Administrator and will not be returned.  


The Potential Winners will be randomly selected through an encrypted base of one (1) draw, which will take place on Wednesday, June 27, 2018, and whose information is provided later in this document. Three (3) Potential Winners and two (2) Potential Alternate Winners will be selected: one (1) Winner for each Prize offered, and two  (2) Alternate Winners. The Winners, like the Alternate Winners, will be determined with the modality of a Sweepstakes or a Draw, as defined in the Sweepstakes Regulations of the Department of Consumer Affairs. The participant that results Winner of any of the Prizes cannot result Winner of any other of the available prizes and cannot be an Alternate Winner.


The Possible Winners will be notified on Friday, June 29, 2018 through a phone call and/or email, with the information provided in their Participation. After said process, it will be understood that the possible winners were officially notified as defined in Rule 7 of the Regulations of the Department of Consumer Affairs. Officially notified, the Promoter can make mention of said Possible Winner through any means of communication. If no Official Notification is achieved with one or various Possible Winners, if they do not comply with the terms and conditions of these Rules, or if a period of five (5) work days passes from the day of the Official Notification without receiving any response by part of the Possible Winners, they will be understood to be disqualified and will not be able to claim the corresponding Prizes afterwards. In such an event, an Official Notification will be made to the corresponding Possible Alternate Winner, in accordance to the same terms and conditions for the Official Notification of the original Possible Winners.



The offered prizes will be the following: 



(1) Bicycle Art

Valued at $2,480.00

(1) Guitar Art

Valued at $2,433.90

(1) Surfboard Art

Valued at $880.00

Participant/Winner does not select the prize.  Prize award is at the sole discretion of Promoter.  The participant understands and accepts that in addition to the described conditions in these Rules, the prizes are subject to all of the restrictions or conditions of use as they are imposed or suggested by any supplier of the corresponding prizes. It will be the responsibility of the participants to ensure that they know of all of the terms and applicable conditions to the prizes as imposed by the suppliers and will release voluntarily and expressly to the Promoter, Administrator, parent companies, affiliates, subsidiaries, agencies, or any other entity related directly to their operations, of said obligation and of any claim due to partial or total incompliance of said conditions.  Beverage alcohol is not part of any prize

It will be the participants’ responsibility to ensure knowledge of all of the terms and conditions applicable at the moment of receiving the prizes.

Each Prize is a collector item and is not intended to function.  Limit one (1) prize, no participant may win more than one (1) prize.


Prizes must be claimed at the Administrator’s offices, whose information is provided in the “Promoter” section. The Possible Winners will have a period of five (5) work days: Monday to Friday—from 10:00 A.M to 5:00 P.M.—to claim their prize, starting from the day of the Official Notification, as disclosed in these Rules. When visiting the offices and claiming their Prize, the Winners will receive copy of the prize claim sheet to be able to pick up the prize at the moment it is available.

In the case of those participations that result as Winners, after five (5) work days—from Monday to Friday from 10:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M—starting from the day of the Official Notification, without having established contact with the winner or having been notified and not having claimed their prize, the winner will be disqualified and the First Alternate Winner will be notified. If once notified as indicated in these rules, the First Alternate Winner does not claim the prize in the previously indicated manner and/or does not meet the terms and conditions, the First Alternate Winner will be disqualified and the Second Alternate Winner will be notified. If once notified as indicated in these rules, the Second Alternate Winner does not claim the prize in the previously indicated manner and/or does not meet the terms and conditions, the Second Alternate Winner will be disqualified and it will be at the Promoter’s discretion to select a Third Alternate Winner or retain the Prize.  

In order to claim and pick up the prize, the Winners have to present themselves personally to the Administrator’s offices (this information is provided in the “Promoter” section) during the previously indicated period with valid information. No representatives will be accepted. At the moment of picking up their prize, the Winners will be required to complete and sign a document of Release and Prize Acceptance and subscribe a Contract for Image Use, which are indispensable requirements to receive the prize. Additionally, the Administrator may require the Possible Winners to participate in a picture session and/or in the recording of a video. If required, it is an indispensable requirement to participate in said session of photographs and/or video recording. The Administrator will require of each Possible Winner to show sufficient and adequate personal identification, and any other documented evidence necessary when the prize is given. Incompliance with any of these requirements will be enough motive to disqualify the Possible Winner.

In the case that the Promoter and/or Administrator cannot give the offered prize, a check will be given to the Winner for the equivalent quantity of the value of the won prize, as indicated in the “Prizes” section.


Winning probabilities will depend on the received participations.


The prizes are not transferable. The prize includes strictly what is indicated in these Official  Rules. Any and all obligation of the Promoter and/or Administrator of the Sweepstakes to each Winner will cease and will be understood as completely satisfied at the moment of the delivery of each prize. No prize can be substituted partially nor totally for any other type of prize.


The Promoter is V. Suárez y Co., with offices localized at: Industrial Luchetti 300 Carr. PR-5, Bayamón PR 00961, and Buena Vibra Group, Inc. with offices localized at: The Atrium Office Center, Suite 101 PR 530, San Juan PR 00901. The Administrator is Buena Vibra Group, Inc. with offices localized at: The Atrium Office Center, Suite 101 PR 530, San Juan PR 00901. Contact person: Nicole Díaz González 787-726-2600 ext 250.


The Sweepstakes is subject to all of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and Federal applicable laws and rules. Sole participation in the Sweepstakes implies knowledge and acceptance of these Official Sweepstakes Rules. Winner is responsible for any tax on Prize


By participating in this Sweepstakes, the participants accept to take up the strict application of these Rules in all of its terms. Any participant concedes to the Promoter, Administrator, its affiliates, its advertising agencies, public relations and promotions agencies and their respective designators the right to publish or announce their names, voice and image in any public mean, including in Puerto Rico, as well as other jurisdictions in which the Promoter, at his sole discretion, may choose to exploit commercially with the previously mentioned rights, without any compensation.

Whichever obligation in part of the Promoter, Administrator, its affiliates, its advertising, public relations and promotions agencies, related to the Sweepstakes and its prizes, will cease and will be totally satisfied with the delivery of the prizes to the Winners. The prizes will be used by the Winners in their complete discretion and responsibility within the parameters imposed by the entities that issue them, as well as conforming to all rule and law applicable, and there is a release of any other contractual or extra-contractual complaint, damages and perjuries or of any other nature, to the Promoter and/or the Administrator of this Sweepstakes, its affiliates, its advertising agencies, publishing agencies, and promotion agencies. The Promoter, Administrator, and its publishing agencies or promotion agencies, as well as the companies that provide the prizes and/or the components of the prizes (as applicable) are not responsible for any damage or loss occurred to any Winner, family member, or any other person due to, or in relation to the use and enjoyment of any prize. Each participant agrees and accepts that the Promoter, Administrator, the advertising and promotion agencies, and its respective parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, divisions, employees, officials, directors, bondholders, distributers and/or involved agencies of the Sweepstakes, are not responsible and will be released by the participant of any and all claim of damage or perjury, of any nature, for injuries, deaths, accidents, complaints, sufferings, mental anguishes, costs, expenses and legal fees or of any other type that may arise or that are related to their participation in this Raffle and/or that  may arise in the stage of claiming, verifying, redeeming, delivery, use or enjoyment of the prize, including claims for lack of quality or service.

Each participant and Winner accepts that neither the Promoter nor its designated parties provide warranty, general or specific, direct or indirect, with respect to any of the products or services that serve as prizes, are not responsible for the quality and performance of said products or services, and that these only have the warranties, if any, that their providers may offer. The Promoter reserves the right to disqualify any participant that does not comply with these Rules. When participating in this Sweepstakes and/or accepting a prize, the Participant accepts to: defend, release and free from responsibility the Promoter, Administrator, their parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, agencies and its officers, directors, bondholders, employees, representatives, agents and any other entity related directly with the Promoter’s operation (“Released Entities”) of any action, claim or responsibility for grievance, loss or damage of any type (including any violation of any personal or property right of any individual or any entity, and any personal grievance, death and/or damage to property) as total or partial consequence, direct or indirect, of participation in this Raffle and/or the use, acceptance and possession of a prize, and/or participation in any activity related to the prize. The Released Entities will not be responsible before the Participant/Winner or any other person for failing to deliver the prize or any part of it for a reason that may be attributed directly or indirectly to the Winner, a reason of acts of God, any action, rule, order or petition on part of any governmental or quasi-governmental agency (it has no importance that the action, rule, order or petition may later result to be invalid), technical equipment failure, terrorism acts, earthquakes, war, fire, flooding, explosions, severe meteorological conditions, hurricanes, foreclosure, labor disputes or strikes (legal or illegal), personal or material loss, transportation interruption of any type, intentional withdrawal from labors, insurrection, riot, or any other cause out of the control of the Promoter.

By participating in this Sweepstakes, all Participants accept to exempt the Released Entities from any responsibility in connection to: i) any incorrect or imprecise participation information, ii) any robbery, alteration, destruction, or non-authorized access to, or alteration of, the participation information; iii) any inability to access the sweepstakes; iv) any typographic error, technical or human, including but not limited to advertising errors, in these Rules, the selection and notification of winners or the delivery of a prize; and v) any omission, interruption, elimination, defects, hindrances, confusion, damage, line failure, grievances, technical failures, or congestion of the telephone lines or the Internet web, in any computer or electronic device, or the combination of any of these, including but not limited to the damages or grievances of the computer or electronic device of any Participant or the programming of said device, which may result in the Participation of this Sweepstakes.


By participating, the Participant affirms that they have read and accepted these General Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions are subject to modification, as disposed by the applicable laws and rules. If the Promoter does not impose one of the terms and conditions disposed here, this will not constitute an abdication of said condition or term. Participations that are not clearly seen or that do not comply with the terms before described, will be discarded. If for any reason, the Sweepstakes does not run as planned, or if the Sweepstakes or any web page (or part of it) related to it, brakes or does not permit the adequate performance of the Sweepstakes and the participations are not processed in accordance to these Rules, or if it is infected by a virus, bugs, and suffers any alteration or unauthorized intervention, actions of the participants or visitants, fraud, technical failures, or another cause, brakes or affects the administration, security, impartiality, integrity or conduct of the Sweepstakes, the Promoter and/or the Administrator, the right is reserved to, in their sole discretion, disqualify any individual that is implied in said action and/or cancel, terminate, modify or suspend this Sweepstakes. The Promoter, Administrator, their affiliates, and other released entities will not have any responsibility before the participant that is disqualified. Any intent by part of a participant or any other individual that deliberately cause harm to the web pages or undermine the legitimacy of the Sweepstakes operation will be a violation of the criminal or civil law and if said intent is realized, the Promoter reserves the right to complain of damages and any other remedy of said person, as far as the law permits.

The prize and the participation in the Sweepstakes are subject to the Winners signing a Release for Image Use and Advertising and complies with all of the requirements that the promoter designates. Any winner that does not comply with said terms will result unqualified.


The personal information solicited for the activation of the participation will be incorporated to a database to be used in the communications of this Sweepstakes and with the aim of being contacted by the Promoter and using the information for advertising ends, associated to the Promoter and their products. The database is totally confidential and about the personal information that was registered. The title holder could exercise in any moment their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition. For this they only have to address the Promoter’s contacts indicated in these Rules. In the case of cancellation and opposition of information, the participant will be excluded from the Sweepstakes and will not have a right to exercise any claim over the prizes.


The promoter reserves the unrestricted right of not delivering the prize(s) or of suspending definitively—in any time—the Raffle, previous approval of the pertinent governmental institutions without any responsibility, in the following cases: (1) In the event of a fortuitous case or a major force, the right is reserved to change the nature and/or characteristics of the prizes, with previous warning by means of massive communication; (2) If the winners do not strictly comply with all of their obligations as provided by these rules; (3) If any of the winners, by direct or indirect cause, commit any type of action that may damage the reputation of the Promoter or their representatives or agents, their brands or their public relations in the market; (4) If the fortunate, for any motive, do not accept the prize, in which case they will be considered, for all of the legal effects, as having renounced, the Promoter is able to dispose of the prize in the way they deem convenient; and/or; (5) If the Promoter, for any motive, cannot localize a person that was selected, to coordinate the delivery of the prize before the deadline previously established, this will not engender any type of responsibility for the Promoter and the interested party will lose the right to redeem or to any form of compensation.

The Promoter reserves the right to limit, modify, extend, or cancel the present Sweepstakes, at their entire discretion, without incurring in any responsibility for this, with previous authorization by the corresponding governmental agencies and reporting to the consumers via any means of communication they deem pertinent. In the same way, the Promoter reserves the right to modify at their discretion the terms and conditions of the Sweepstakes in any moment, without incurring in any type of responsibility for it, with previous authorization of the corresponding governmental entities and reporting to the consumers via any means of communication they deem pertinent.